She's Who! Who? Yes she's Who the Cat! She's got a white belly but the rest of her's black!
She's Who! Who? Yes she's Who the Cat! She likes nothing better than taking a nap. That's when she can sleep all day, she loves an adventure won't you come and play, with Who, and all her friends, you'll wish the days would never end...
  • Burp the Hippo - Burp the Hippo lives in the pipes at Who the Cat's house. She makes the gurgle noise that comes from the plug hole. She loves bath time!
  • Mr Wigglesworth is the head of  a barbershop quartet of little worms that live in the woodwork of Who the Cat's house. They love to sing and play tricks on her!
  • Fronc the Fox jumped down a fox hole in France and popped out of a hole in Who the Cat's garden. He tells her about his amazing journey and says 'Ooh la la' a lot!
  • The Guducken lives near the pond in the reeds. He's a very rare creature that you have
to be very lucky to see. He likes to dance and scream - Lalalaloooo!
  • Ruff is Who the Cat's best friend. They met in the park one sunny day. He loves exploring and taking Who the Cat on daft adventures. Ruff is full of energy and fun!

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